Evolution doesn’t have to hurt. We can help.

How is collaboration among your teams?

Does your culture have a well-defined identity?

Does your organizational communication meet your expectations?

Are your employees in need of role clarity?

Jumpstart your evolution with Organizational Development. You have the opportunity to develop or fine-tune your organization with the help of experts who know how.

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A snapshot of our Organizational Development offerings

Organization Development (OD) is an objective-based methodology that focuses on improving an organization’s capability through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics and management processes.

Develop organizational structure.

Prepare the organization for growth – both organic and inorganic.

Develop goal setting tied to pay for performance plans.

Create a shared and overarching vision and strategy for a company.

Develop and standardize company communication plans.

Evaluate leadership capabilities.

Build two-way accountability (Company – Employee and vice-versa).

Create clear reporting structures throughout a specific department or the entire company.

“Our company grew incredibly fast over the last 18 months and our structure, resources and leadership needed to be revamped. We partnered with EvolveHR for its Organizational Development services and the results have been phenomenal. With their guidance, we have been able to build an organization that supports our business, have a clearer structure and great leadership to lead us into the future. We have become a different company with Evolve’s support, and the foundation set will help us to continue to innovate. I highly recommend partnering with them.”

— Josh Jeffers, Founder & CEO, J Jeffers and Co.

Let’s get organized.

Building a strong organization that supports your business goals is no easy task. It required knowledge and expertise in organizational development, organizational change, human resources and business savvy.

Through our OD service offerings, EvolveHR becomes the trusted partner that works shoulder-to-shoulder with you to enable alignment and allow your leaders to gear their efforts toward growing the business, while we develop the right structure to facilitate the needed support.

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