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EvolveHR helps you

increase profits and mitigate risks

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We help you

successfully navigate

all of the new healthcare regulations

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Focus on your core business

and leave the administrative burden to us

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The world of

HR compliance

is complex and changing rapidly

We keep up with it so you don't have to.

Simple, Easy & Powerful...


EvolveHR helps you grow your business profitably. We provide the back office solutions you need so you can focus on more important areas of your business.

Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Workers’ Compensation / Risk Management and Human Resources Services.

Critical Expertise

With a PEO, employment responsibilities are distributed to both the client and the PEO. This allows us to put our expertise to work for you an lets you focus on your core busines, without the hassles of dealing with HR administration.

Tools & Tech

EvolveHR offers a suite of technology products designed to put employee data at your fingertips. EvolveHR’s Virtual Office (EVO) gives you and your employees all the tools you need to review and update every aspect of your HR profile.

Increased Profits

Price Watershouse Coopers study shows “85% of businesses that outsource have become more profitable.” EvolveHR turns your back office into our front office and our  model has been proven to increase your profits and reduce your risks. 

Best Practices

How much faster would your business grow if you had a team of experts working for you to keep you on track with your focus and avoid you from falling into traps they see coming from far away?

Compliance Assistance

HR laws are changing constantly and having a team of certified HR professionals keep you up-to-date helps you with government compliance and regulations so you can focus on the more important areas of your business.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance Assistance

EvolveHR would like to offer you the opportunity for a free consultation. One of our experts will review your current HR procedures and business, then provide you with a detailed plan on how you can improve your companies performance, and improve your bottom line. Let EvolveHR put our expertise to work for you.

Join Our Mailing List

From time to time we send out important information about changes to legislation and policies as well as updates about EvolveHR. If you would like to receive these notices via email, please take a moment and join our mailing list.