Behind every great business there is a strong organization as it is the engine that makes all things business work!

The field of Organizational Development (OD) focuses on developing the strategy of planned and systematic change achieved through influencing organizational structure, culture and individual behavior. Here is a simple yet powerful approach that has stood the test of time and is at the foundation of modern-day organizational vocabulary.

This three-phase approach describes the dynamics of persuasion and is considered a guideline for change management projects.

Phase 1: Unfreezing

In this phase desired change is socialized, information and plans are communicated and upcoming developments are discussed. This phase is critical in nature as it engages others in the process and brings about the needed support for a successful outcome.

Phase 2: Moving

In the second phase, new processes and structures are introduced. In this phase of OD, constant monitoring, and collaboration by those responsible should take place. In this phase the focus is on learning/transfer of knowledge.

Phase 3: Refreezing

In this final phase, the company adopts the new learning, behaviors and processes, with the goal of them becoming the new normal. After an OD project has been completed, it is important to monitor the integration closely to ensure that the new processes have become the operating standard, are in fact working, and are being properly maintained.

This three-phase approach was developed by Kurt Lewin in 1947, and it is used to describe the phases of organizational development projects at a 30,000 foot view.

While this approach may come across as academic in nature, it is still fundamental to building great organizations because it addresses three key areas of successful change – engagement, learning and evaluation.

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