EvolveHR's Virtual Office (EVO)

Evolve HR’s robust technology platform is specifically designed to help you find, hire, onboard and manage employees in the most efficient way possible while at the same time, keeping you compliant. Our intuitive system makes it easy for you to have all the necessary information in one place and have access to all the information to run reports so you can make decisions on your business. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can post jobs, screen candidates, hire employees, pay them and manage their performance. It’s just that easy. . . 

Easy Paperless Onboarding

  • Eliminate potential errors which lead to fines and lawsuits
  • E-verify, I-9’s, W-4’s all online in a fillable format
  • Define a workflow that makes your job easier
  • Get the new employee productive faster by eliminating the need to fill out paperwork the first week
  • All the necessary compliant forms in one place that are automatically updated as laws change

Applicant Tracking / Recruitment

  • Create and post jobs online
  • Candidates apply for jobs on your custom recruitment portal page on your website
  • Track how many and where candidates are in the hiring process
  • Easily screen out applicants that are not a match with questions that filter the better qualified candidates
  • Reduce the time a position is open and costing you money

Payroll Administration

  • Check Stub Lookup
  • Pay History for Current and Previous Years
  • Paycheck Detail Lookup

Benefits Administration

  • Paid Time Off Balances
  • Benefit Coverage Detail
  • Dependant & Beneficiary Information
  • FSA Balances, History and Disbursements
  • 401(k) Contributions
  • Employer Match Balances
  • Benefit Plan Summary
  • Online Open Enrollment

Performance Reviews

  • Self Evaluations as part of their Performance Review
  • View Managers’ Evaluations of their Performance
  • See Individual Goals set for the Employee by Management
  • Goal History
  • Discipline History
  • Performance Review History